May 20

summer strummer

It’s the kind of down home folksy evening entertainment you’re lucky to find when  wandering around the home town.  This is Bismarck not far from the Memorial Bridge, Save Project Noise is the name of the enterprise where these locals gather on the front porch.

front porch

I’m glad to see these are young folk who are expanding, investigating and networking on a healthy activity.  It’s something that will carry them on in to their adult years.

I know a couple of these folks are not local. As I recall, they’re from New Zealand or Tasmania or Australia. 

This was a previously announced event, but the marketing must have been weak because there were no spectators at all.  That’s too bad because these young artists cold grow with the right encouragement.

After I shot a few images here, I too moved on, but now that I look back, I wish I’d stuck around.  I wish there were off-beat venues like this in every community. I’ve heard of one that used to operate in Dickinson, but I don’t think it’s there any more.  Is there one near you?

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