May 19

Angler's conference

Late in the day, most any day of the week, you’ll find anglers out on the Missouri River, and today is no exception. Yes, it’s a little cool, but die-hard walleye fishermen are still at it until late in the day.

Just across the McLean County line in to Burleigh County these fishermen near Steckel Boat landing have something to chat about.

Coming in

It’s near the end of the day, so I can only guess they are comparing notes from the day’s activities.  It wasn’t much longer and they were making a bee line back to the boat dock.  I’m not sure what their hurry was, but it had to be a shock to the system to go from gently rocking on the water with line in water, to pumping the horses to cut a wake in the water to head to shore.

These local guys “shore” like to fish after work until the day is late.

You can tell from the one photo to the next how just a few minutes of sinking sun can change the color of the setting. From a cool gray-blue to a rosy color.  Have you ever noticed how the light changes the look of the region around you?

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