Who am I?

Hi. I’m Mike. Glad to meetcha.mike-bb-profile-pick-small

I’ve been taking pictures of North Dakota for several years at first for television, then newspaper, then as a public works project PR guy. Though I’ve won awards for both my documentaries and my newspaper photos and writing,  I tend to be a lot more private these days.   I show my works at art shows, and perhaps at a gallery you might know of.

14324585_1284746548202284_4178841978194485624_oNorth Dakota is my favorite model and I visit her in the summer on my motorcycle.  Or I travel the state in my pickup truck with my dog Gunnar, a foster dog whom I’m working with to make friendly.  Success!mike-gunnar-sunset-prairie





Much of what you will see here is from that perspective — summer, dog or motorcycle.

Because I’m a principal contributor to a regional promotional effort for Western North Dakota called Beautiful Bakken, much of my work focuses on West River North Dakota.

http://www.beautifulbakken.comskis point to the clearing other side of woods wtrmrk

I winter here, too and take advantage of the state’s outdoor opportunities.

You can find me at mykuhls@hotmail.com

or my FaceBook page mykuhls photography.



14 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I recognize the old wooden grain bin. Stumbled upon it while looking for images of barnwood. The grain bin, broken windmill and an old foundation are all that was left of what my dad calls “the old farm”. County Road 25, right?

  2. I grew up in Golden Valley. Lived there until I was 12. Then my dad, Harold Kiesz, was elected Mercer County Sheriff and we moved to the county seat of Stanton. My Grandfather, Christian Kiesz, homesteaded south of Golden Valley in 1901. I still have lots of family living around there and in Dodge and Halliday. Thanks for the history lesson.

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