January 19

Homesteader's barn

Under President T Roosevelt, an old homesteader broke ground up above the Missouri River, south of what is now Washburn.  He tilled the ground, collecting rocks, raising a crop, building a barn, establishing his herd of cattle.  The rocks he collected, he added to the barn for his living quarters.  He lived there all his life.  Never married. Never had a family.  He died there, and it remains as it was when he died.

I love this old barn. It speaks of so much hard work and of a time when North Dakota was established as solid, hardworking people in a solid hardworking state.  The barn is falling in.  It won’t last much longer. I shoot it often.  On this date, January 19, I was passing by and was drawn in to the driveway, walking through snow where no one had walked for a while, I recorded it once again.

Face of the old homesteader's barn

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