October 15 Deer at dusk

They’re bunching up.  Deer know this time of year is the time to find food and shelter because it’s going to be a while before they can live stress free.

I was at Cross Ranch State Park earlier and lost my light down in the valley. So, I headed home, and up on top of the hill, as the sun disappeared to my back, I caught this herd barely visible in a stubble field. They stood alert, watching me as I got in to position to snap a couple of images.

Though this is my beloved “golden hour” for taking photos, on a day such as this when it’s an overcast, all the colors are muted and the image turns out “blah.”  Even so, this is what North Dakota looks like in mid-October.  Not my favorite kind of image — too bland, hard to pull out details.

Do you notice how colors at the end of an overcast day seem to dissolve in to desaturated, detail-muted scenes?

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