July 15

Old blues the way they were meant to be played

Bismarck is not an oasis of good music. Most of what you hear in town is cover bands and bar bands which are merely one step above garage bands.

Once in a while you can find some authentic music played by authentic musicians who know the feeling of the music they play, not just the notes.  Arnold Jordan is one of those musicians.  In the middle of the week,you’ll find him at the East 40 Chophouse playing acoustic blues he feels, he writes, he plays.

There is never a big crowd for his music. He is generally background music in the “lounge” but his music is not background in its intensity and it’s authenticity.  He plays from the heart, not from his fingers.

There in the upscale bar of the East 40 you can hear a bit of what must be a direct descendent of the  blues bars, the juke joints of old.

I have trouble shooting in the East 40 because the light changes so much from those stained glass windows and the lights overhead. I don’t use a flash and capture the natural light of the moment.  Arnold’s natural music and these natural lit photos are a perfect combination.

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