September 28


red bulls


They’re not exactly an energy drink these red bulls, but if they were running toward me, I’m sure I’d find enough energy to stay ahead of them.

Two of North Dakota’s largest economic sources are in this image — food and fuel; beef and electricity.  The Northern Plains has long been known as an essential part of the breadbasket of the world producing small grains and beef for the world.  Now in recent years, the Northern Plains has also become an increasingly essential part of America’s energy source.  The coal, gas and oil production of this region is legendary.  One of the largest oil plays in the nation is under ground west of here, the Bakken oil formation.  Now, add to that the hundreds of wind turbines dotting the prairies and the region’s importance to the lives of other Americans continues to grow.

March 21


We made it!

Sometimes it was questionable which would come first, spring or insanity.  It was a race.

Now the snow is giving way to the fall colors that have been covered since October, and just a hint of green is beginning to appear.  The wind turbines south of Wilton are at work, having made it through the winter, pumping electricity to heat and light homes across the upper midwest.  Now, they’ll be pumping electricity for cooling.

It’s time to blow off the sludge of winter, and that’s just what this Corvette owner is doing at the new car wash in Wilton.  Yellow Tweedy is going to be yellow again, not dingy off white.

The backhoes are waiting for the right moment, any moment, a soon moment to once again disturb the earth and start building.  They’ve been poised like this, arms flexed, buckets on the ground, like a worker whose arm is cocked, elbow in the air, fist on hip, waiting for work.

And down the street, the girls are getting fresh air and sunshine and practicing a good old-fashioned lay-up, the kind of thing they couldn’t do outside for several months.

Spring.  What was hidden under snow is now revealed.  What was dingy is now made clean. What was trapped inside is now released.