March 31

North Dakota is warming up. Finally.  There is still a bit of snow on east-facing slopes, but the ice is off of the sloughs and ponds. The wind is light and the sunset reflection in the water is a scene I’ve not seen in months.

I was out driving the back roads of Sheridan County when I saw what was going to be a perfect reflection in the water.  I actually drove past the potential scene, backed up and then waited.  I was rewarded by the still waters and the duo-images of the clouds and the colors of the evening.

Earlier, I had photographed the abandoned farm house on the hill and it’s reflection in the nearby pond.  So, I already had in mind the potential for reflection of the sunset and was not disappointed.

The humor of the day, however, came from two pairs of geese who apparently did not have the same idea about sharing.  One pair apparently encroached in to the home turf and perhaps the nest and eggs of the first pair.  There was a bit of a turf battle as the two pairs their territorial differences.  Who said the Northern Plains are peaceful, pastoral and quiet?  I guess they weren’t a trespassing and feuding pair of geese.

March 27

North Dakota is under the midcontinent flyway, the thoroughfare used by migratory birds as they move from Canada to Texas or beyond in the fall, and the other direction in the spring.  Add to that we have an abundance of feed in small grain fields, ponds and sloughs for waterfowl,  geese are common to North Dakota.

They are wary birds though, and it’s not often you can capture an image this close.  But if you know where to look you can find shots like this.