March 12

waiting for spring's "hurry-up"

Construction grinds to a halt in the winter, but now that it’s spring, the “hurry-up” season is about to begin.  East of Bismarck sections of crane booms sit in a construction company yard waiting to be put to use.

And like so many recent days, fog and overcast skies are the rule.

Later, I drove up to Wilton through Wing, and as they’d been doing all year, the deer were feeding in town.  They’re not really afraid of people, just warytwo deer in wing

Finally by day’s end we got our first glimpse of blue skies.  Spring is here, for sure. Just check out the muddy rural roads. This new water tower is part of the enhanced water system for our part of the state. Work had been slowed down during the coldest days of the year, but when it wasn’t too much below freezing, crews were at it to get the tower completed.

It’s what I hated about being an iron worker in the winter.  Cold, windy aerial work was always a challenge handling cold steel.  Now, I handle a camera from the warmth of my pickup

January 27

A cold sunset on the prairie

About 4:30 in the afternoon, the sun sets behind the hills on the western side of the Missouri River — visible from where I live on the eastern side of the river.  The sunsets are vivid with the cold still air, but imagine homesteading this region, trying to stay warm.

It can get so cold that crews that work with steel and must climb, head to the shop to work, rather than expose themselves to the elements.  And so was the case of the crew working on the new water tower west of Wilton.

too cold to work