January 28

Straight plumes of steam over the Coal Creek power plant

January is mind-numbing cold in North Dakota.  The prairie looks like an ocean. The sun glows yellow as it sets, and on a windless day, the steam created by the warm moist air of the power plant turns in to a thick cloud.  The Coal Creek power plant near Underwood North Dakota stood bright as a silhouette.  I spied it as I was driving through northern McLean county, looking for images that will show you how North Dakota looks on this date.  Earlier in the day, shots were easier to find.

This abandoned farm house stood lonely under the full moon. This is a blue moon, they say as it is the second full moon of the month.  But it was also a very cold blue moon.  Imagine what it would take to get to the farm house when the lane is plugged with windswept crusty snow.

Even in the cold, there is beauty.  The snow is blue, the streaks are a variegated contrast of blue and gold.  And the full moon sits poised over the trees and old abandoned buildings of McLean County.