July 28

Susan and Norm Westbrook

Here is a father/daughter team that has the priorities right. (The father is the one with the hair on his lip, the daughter has the hair on her head.)

Norman and Susan Westbrook have thrown themselves in to being patriots. They stand with the Patriot Guard Riders every chance they get. In this case, it was the welcome home of soldiers from Kosovo.  Imagine the closeness of this team focused on a good cause such as service to country and patriotism.  They both ride their own bikes and fly their 3×5 flags from their bikes in escorts and parades where the PGR is invited.  Susan is going to be a very well-grounded and confident woman. She is already, though she’s only in high school.

Norm and Susan visit with Vernon

The PGR rally gives people such as Norm and Susan a chance to meet with other like-minded people such as Vernon Bjerke a Marine who is from the eastern part of the state. He stands with patriots every chance he gets.  These are not noisy outspoken in-your-face people. Their quiet upright strength is the kind of position that we could all emulate.

January 22

A mid-winter car show is a nice distraction, especially if a young motorhead friend, Susan has her Avenger in the show.  It’s in great shape, and a little wide angle perspective from down low gives the Avenger a toy car look.  But it’s all real.

Also at the car show was Amber’s Dream Car — to be raffled off to raise money for a children’s hospital at MedCenter One Hospital in Bismarck.

Amber's Dream car

Amber DesRoches was 11 years old when she died of leukemia in 2007.  To raise money for her dream of a children’s hospital, the Pioneer Auto Club and Dale’s Auto Restoration are rebuilding this 1938 Chevy that was donated to the project by Pete Deichert of Mandan.