February 12

Bismarck's Main Street at night

The clean night air in winter gives lights a different kind of glow. Bismarck’s Main Street is a bright display.  The landmark corner door of Peacock Alley welcomes guests for a hot drink on a cold night.

In the other direction, looking up 5th Street, the lights of the Parkade and the street lights in Chancellor Square keep the night well-lit.


February 7

Plowing snow at night

When most of us are home for the day, trying to get warm, and stay that way, there are men and women who are out late at night making the world an easier place to travel.  In Wilton two men keep the streets clean all winter.  They work all day and all night to keep the snow off the roads.  It’s not a job that can be neglected because wind and more snow can make it even tougher.  So, when it snows, they’re out there immediately to get the streets clean. Thanks go to Dean and Terry for their work.

January 30

Snowmobile cruises the street past Wilton's ball park

You have to find a way to get through winter.  Unhealthy or healthy, you need something to get you to spring if you’re going to live in North Dakota.  For some, it’s eating and drinking, for others it’s putting winter to use.  I could hear the sleds running a block away, and when I went to watch, this one went by.  They’re enjoying winter.  I prefer something more quiet — cross country skiing any one?

January 23

Winter and yes, even Christmas linger long after the calendar has turned a page or two.  The Christmas street lights and decorations proclaim the birth of the baby Jesus long after most people have moved on with their daily lives.  I spose the maintenance men in Wilton have also moved on, and just haven’t gotten around to taking down the Christmas lights.

Meanwhile outside the Wilton Presbyterian Church, a path is cut through the snow to prepare for the morning’s worshippers.

And down the street, the orange streetlights do their thing on the fog and snow falling at the Wilton Centennial Park

January 20

1920 and 2010 Wilton, ND

I’m not sure if it was 1920 when the historic photo was shot. It was not any earlier than that.  Local farmers would come to Wilton with their horses and wagons to haul coal back home.  In fact, there are still trails across much of the prairies where the wagons would cross the plains.  You can see that Wilton hasn’t changed a whole lot,  even though union bosses from back east killed the coal mine business, Wilton still keeps on living.

January 6, 1020

January 6, 1020

Pushing snow

All across North Dakota a seemingly tireless group of men and women work to keep roads and streets open.  Their work makes it possible for schools to get students to and from class, for emergency vehicles to respond as needed, to allow people to leave their homes to buy staples and goods. Therefore, snowplows operators, as bothersome as some people feel is the pile left in driveways, are actually vital to keeping North Dakota moving in the winter.