December 19 ditches are for sleds


Sharing the road, or at least the ditches.  This time of year it’s not surprising to look beside you as you travel the highways and see a snowmobile running along side of you — sometimes just as fast as you’re going.

As I headed in to Washburn along Highway 200 from the west, there beside me was a big person piloting a snowmobile with a little person hanging on.  They were only going about 35 or so.  I passed them easily.  I image later in the say, however, you could pull up to most any bar, restaurant or gas station in most any town in North Dakota and see as many snowmobiles as cars parked outside.  I’ll hafta look for that shot this winter.

February 6

Cold dismal February day

The sun never seems to really do much to brighten the days toward the end of winter, and this day in February was no exception.  A gray sky, gray grain bins, and a grainy look to the day was fitting for my camera.  I found this shot not far from Turtle Lake, driving the back roads looking for something to show for the day in North Dakota.

The sunny side of a tin building

Once in a while you can catch a bit of sun and when it hits the side of a tin building its a warming site, no matter what the temperature is.  Earlier in the day before I’d gone out on the road I shot the old blacksmith’s building in Wilton, just the side of it where the sun was hitting.

The sun didn’t last though, and by the end of the day, it was cold and gray.

Snowmobilers head in for gas

That’ didn’t stop some snowmobilers from getting out and running with their sleds in north central North Dakota.  It was evening, they were coming in to a gas station for fuel. I was turning around, heading home.  End of my photo search for the day.