February 15

Snowmobiles are North Dakotans way of getting a little excitement out of winter.  There are hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails in North Dakota.  Mostly, however, you’ll see them cruising along the highways.  That’s where this is, just south of Wilton.  I saw the sled coming, jumped out of my truck and tried to get him going by.  It’s not the best shot, but it tells a story, nonetheless.

That same day, snowmobiles came cruising out of the field that is on the south side of Wilton. Gingerly going down the snow bank, the sleds slide on to the street and head home.

January 30

Snowmobile cruises the street past Wilton's ball park

You have to find a way to get through winter.  Unhealthy or healthy, you need something to get you to spring if you’re going to live in North Dakota.  For some, it’s eating and drinking, for others it’s putting winter to use.  I could hear the sleds running a block away, and when I went to watch, this one went by.  They’re enjoying winter.  I prefer something more quiet — cross country skiing any one?