February 3

Ambulance Duty

Okay, I cheated on this one. I set the camera on a shelf in the ambulance bay and shot myself. I didn’t have any fresh ideas or access to them. I was on ambulance duty and needed to stick around.  It’s something I think everyone should do — volunteer.  If more people volunteered to take care of their community, there wouldn’t be a need for the government to do it.  Taxes would be lower and the community would be stronger.

January 11, part deux redux

Governor John Hoeven announces U.S. Senate campaign

The 2010 North Dakota political season started in January when Governor John Hoeven announced he would seek the U.S. Senate office now held by Byron Dorgan.  At his side was First Lady Mikey Hoeven.

I’ve know the Hoevens for many years, even attending political functions in their home.  He was a Minot Democrat, a banker who switched parties, and was elected Governor of ND in 2000.  He has done well for himself and his image, remaining largely untarnished by the usual flak that sticks to most politicians.  He has an affinty for higher education and is not afraid to spend money.  Certainly more conservative than Senator Dorgan, he is considered a moderate by GOP standards.