April 20

1978 fxe

I love my old bike and as you  know, if you’ve seen any of my more recent entries, I’ve been using it as a model these days.  Here in a stubble field, overlooking Hwy 83, north of Bismarck, the bike looks good. I will be sad to part with it, but I actually took this photo for a want ad.

However, it doesn’t have the romantic glow about it that something like this would have.  It’s a 33-year-old scooter, so if one puts a little romantic imagination to it, it can look more like this.  I wish I’d not put the copyright logo on top of the vignette like I did, but oh well.  It makes the vignette look too stark, too well-defined.

So, one more Photoshop alteration just for the heckuva it.

fxe and colored sky

March 22

Notice the transitions here. This is the rail car that I shot north of Linton.  There are many of these scattered across the state, old wooden box cars turned in to sheds.  This particular one would look good if shot in the golden hour.  But in this case, on a dreary overcast afternoon, I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot it in the golden hour.  But I shot it anyway.

Enhanced and filtered first go around

I thought it was rather bland but more could be done with it. It had potential.  So I worked it a bit with different filters and actions that I have in Photoshop, adding layers, altering layers, deleting layers…playing stroke by stroke.

final enhancement

Finally, I settled on this image, almost a drawing of the original image.  I like it full size, will print it and add it to those images on my wall in my home.

These old wooden box cars,  in my imagination probably once carried hobos across the nation.  Railroad bulls would kick the hobos out of the rail cars, and eventually the rail company kicked the wooden box cars off their lines.  That left them for farmers to buy or acquire for sheds and barns. That’s why you see so many of them across the state.  They tell a story of another era…as does this abandoned school house down the road from the box car.  The structure tells a story, and so does the graffiti — 4 goofy Canadians were here. Can you read it scratched in to the chalkboard?

And oh, just for the record, there was one other post-processing set of filters I worked with that wooden box car turned in to a shed.  Do you have a preference?