August 8

Oops, almost missed it, the day’s shoot, that is.

Just down the street from me, about 1 or 2 blocks is Wilton’s Centennial Park. It’s always good for a shot because it is quite picturesque.  If you go back in to North Dakota 365, clear back to January, you’ll see a couple of shots of this park in the winter, lonely park benches in the cold and snow.  It’s a handy model.  Actually all  of North Dakota is a handy model — some days more inspiring than others.  Or maybe it’s me.  How do you get inspired?

January 23

Winter and yes, even Christmas linger long after the calendar has turned a page or two.  The Christmas street lights and decorations proclaim the birth of the baby Jesus long after most people have moved on with their daily lives.  I spose the maintenance men in Wilton have also moved on, and just haven’t gotten around to taking down the Christmas lights.

Meanwhile outside the Wilton Presbyterian Church, a path is cut through the snow to prepare for the morning’s worshippers.

And down the street, the orange streetlights do their thing on the fog and snow falling at the Wilton Centennial Park