September 27

wind turbine generator

If you live in the mid-section of the United States, chance are one of these may have contributed to your electricity usage today.  This generator had just arrived at the location where it would be set on top of the stem, blades added and then wired to the system that turns wind in to electricity.

In the background, behind the foreground activity, you can see one wind turbine and the generator on the stem.  From a distance, they don’t look as huge as they are — as large or larger than the semi-truck that hauled in the unit.

These turbines are just east of the Wilton Energy Center at the newly commissioned Baldwin Energy Center.  Crews have worked two or three shifts a day to get the Baldwin Center on line.  When the large Manitowoc crane was done with this pick, it was moved down the road to the next turbine site.  The crane was as wide as the road, there was no passing, just following, much like the oiler who kept the tracks well oiled as the crane walked down the gravel to the next site.

Wind power electricity generation is becoming very popular in North Dakota.  How close are you to a wind farm in your neighborhood?