June 17

rib mess

It’s okay to make a mess at a local ribfest.

This annual mess making eating extravaganza is Bismarck’s Ribfest. Hosted by the Downtowners Association, even a little girl like this knows the secret to enjoying barbequed ribs is to just dig in…and use plenty of napkins.

The bar-b-“crews” come in from Texas and points south to sell their fixins, and take a crack at the cash prize offering.  The three-day event brings people in to the Bismarck Civic Center parking lot for bands and food.

I covered the event for the three days, and got my share of good tasting ribs, one of the perks of my  hobby.  The three-day event started out windy and cold, but that didn’t keep the crowds from sampling the nuclear hot sauce used by some of the  rib-chefs.

Fortunately, as you’ll see in coming posts, the weekend’s event improved remarkably.