April 18

I don’t even know what it is, but someone has sure put a lot of care and attention in to this car.

Late on a Sunday night after a weekend of kayaking, I was headed down Bismarck’s Main street when I saw this car on display at the McRockin’ Cafe.  The 50’s themed McDonald’s rotates car on display in its enclosed showroom.  It caught my eye, so I whipped in to the empty parking lot and shot it a few times.  I just don’t know what it is.

Bismarck seems to have a plethora of classic cars.  When I first moved to North Dakota, it was on this same corner that there was a classic car sales lot. I think Ed Schafer owned it, long before he became governor.  North Dakota doesn’t have the problem with ice on its roads like many states, so it doesn’t use much salt in the winter. Therefore, car bodies don’t rust out here like they do on the other side of the Red River in Minnesota or elsewhere.  That’s part of why the McRockin cafe will always have a long waiting list of cars for display