February 1

Huddled down by the feed bunk to stay warm

On a farm just up the hill a few miles from the Missouri River has at least a couple of cows who know what to do to stay warm. They huddle down and eat.  That’s how farmers keep their livestock warm, they feed them.  It takes a lot of hay and a lot of summer time work to prepare for winter if you’re a farmer or rancher with livestock.

The menu for this rancher's livestock is hay

Farm animals take a lot of feeding in the winter, and these two horses are no exception.  Like the cows down the road, they stay warm by eating…and they don’t wander far from the hay pile the rancher leaves for them.  When spring comes, I don’t think they’ll be as close to the hay pile, and might be harder to find to get photos.

Two horses in the snow

January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

Burnt Creek Valley

January 11, 2010 was a good day for photos.  I started in Wilton as you will see in the next post. Then I headed to Bismarck as you will also see. But on the way, I saw behind me, this valley, Burnt Creek Valley with its herd of draft horses under a contrasting cold late afternoon sunset.  When I shot the photo, it seemed like powdered sugar sprinkled on the hills.  The red barn and the blue snow make a eye-catching contrast.