February 12 part 2

Starting a mural

Kat Horton is a talented artist who works as a home remodeling contractor. Yes, that’s right, she’s a construction worker, but of the most talented kind.  She used to be a Second Grade teacher in Houston, Tx.  She’s also been a computer techie.  Now, she does building remodeling in North Dakota — with an artist’s touch.  Once in a while she gets to do something she likes, such as a mural or a logo.   She’s done company logos in their office,  and Vikings football helmets in a rec room.  In this case, on February 12, she was painting a scene inside a pair of knockout in the wall of a nice home in Bismarck.  She doesn’t get to do it often,  mostly she’s doing drywall taping and texturing, or bathroom remodeling, or painting.  In my estimation, she should be doing more artwork.  I guess that’s the “Plus” in her company’s name, Kat’s Painting Plus.

The finished look