May 3

Smokestack flavor

I like it when I can add something good to the neighborhood, even if it’s just an aroma.  Grilling is a favorite hobby of mine, in this case dry rub spare ribs grilled with an orange glaze.  The smoke of the juices grilling pour out of the smokestack, and drift through the neighborhood.

But the best part of grilling is — you guessed it — the eating.  These ribs, pork chops and chicken breasts all got a special treatment, one that provided not only an aroma and a flavor but a loosened belt.  Even after we were full, it was not easy to quit eating.  Our mouths wanted more even if our stomach had enough.

January 25

Snow filled back yard -- and grill

Once winter settled in, there was no way I was going to get my grill back in to the garage, or even up to the house.  So, it sat.  It may get used again before spring, who knows?  But at night, it provided an interesting centerpiece in the backyard glow of my home.  And oh, that drift? Yes, it kept me from using my back door to the garage…but I could still get in through the back door to my enclosed porch, with difficulty.

January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

Grill tools waiting for spring

North Dakotans like to eat, and they love their meat, especially beef.  Grilling is a year round event, well at least for some folk. Waiting for spring, a grill and its tools hang tough in the deep snow.  Occasionally in the winter air, you can detect the aroma of a grill blazing away on someone’s steaks, brats or other juicy entrees.