August 22


a load of gold

There on the truck is what will be eaten in not very long.  You might even be the one to eat it.  Or it might go to a relief effort in South America, Africa or elsewhere.  This farmer has just unloaded a hopper of grain in to his truck. Before he can unload more, someone will have to take that truck in to unload, maybe at his farm or in town at the grain elevator.   He probably won’t stop combining though, and will keep adding the nation’s stores of grain.


March 18

I have plans for this truck. Well, not for the truck, but for this image.  Back in February,  I shot a similar vintage Ford and in post-processing did some things to it that gave it a classic vintage look. I have the same plans for this truck. But it’ll hafta wait until winter when things slow down.

Speaking of slowing down, it’s how I found this truck.  I was scoping out the gravel roads east of Wilton when I spotted this truck, backed up and shot it head on like the one I did in February.  I like slowly driving the gravel farm roads of the Northern Plains.  You find things you’d otherwise miss. But then, I guess that’s true of life, too.  Thus the expression to stop and smell the roses.

Anyway, I did stop at this intersection just in time to see the 4-wheel drive John Deere tractor headed this way. The snow blade was still mounted on the tractor, but I have a feeling it came off the tractor in a day or two.  Snow plowing is done for the winter.