May 14

Patriotism and motorcycles. They seem to go together, especially those whose ride is American-made.  But even if the ride is made in Japan, bikers seem to be a patriotic lot, and it doesn’t seem to have much to do with age. Take Bob and Susan for example. Bob, a veteran and Susan a high school student post the colors in flag lines welcoming home soldiers who have been fighting the Global War on Terror.  They’re both part of the Patriot Guard Riders, the group that was formed to shield grieving families from the evil people in that congregation in Kansas that loudly spews its hatred at military funerals.  The PGR, stands shoulder to shoulder to shield the grieving families when called upon. But at all times, they’re there to show their support for returning soldiers at the Bismarck airport or wherever the PGR is organized.

Apart from the PGR, though is a strong thread of military and veteran influence. Take these three riders, members of the Viet Nam Vets mc club and Legacy Vets mc club.  After a short cruise on this day to Wilton, these three headed south to Bismarck at sunset, riding in formation, enjoying North Dakota’s excellent highways and great motorcycle riding opportunities.

May 11

Remember 9/11?  Of course you do. They said that things were going to be different after America was attacked and  the Global War on Terror was started by killing innocent Americans.  Yes, things changed. I don’t remember seeing so many flags flying daily.  Not only on Flag Day or the Fourth of July, but every day.  It’s a constant reminder we live in the greatest nation on the earth.

(What isn’t so constant is the light breezes in North Dakota that let the flags hang so neatly.)