March 11

A foggy southern horizon

My hunt for my day’s photo today was not as thrilling as in previous excursions.  On the eastern edge of Wilton is the older of the two grain elevators.  It was one of several that once stood in Wilton in the 1920’s.  A 1922 story in the Bismarck Tribune said Wilton’s Elevators could e seen 14 miles away.

Not today, they couldn’t be seen. The fog from just a few blocks away nearly obscured the top of the elevator.

To the north, Wilton’s newer grain elevator is also capped in fog.  The power lines running north past the elevator disappear in the fog.

I’m so tired of fog.

a foggy northern horizon

March 8

It’s surely spring with all this fog. Temperatures are reasonable for this time of year, but the fog is getting wearisome.  Truckers on I-94 like this cattle hauler drive in a shroud of gray that prevents them from seeing much of where they are.    For me as a photographer, it is a bit of a challenge to find new and different ways to shoot the same gray scenery.  Then, I drove by the Oasis Truck Stop in Bismarck and saw a new way to look at the parking lot.

March 7

Fog has set in to the region and won’t let go.  I don’t know how many days of this stuff we’ve had, but it’s sure tough finding something of interest to shoot when it’s all faded out like this.

In Wing, the old machine shop stands broken down and gray against the gray sky.  I like the architecture of the building, but it’s past repair, it seems.  I suspect it hit the beginning of its decline when the Burlington Northern Railroad abandoned the rail line that served the Wing Elevator.