March 18

I have plans for this truck. Well, not for the truck, but for this image.  Back in February,  I shot a similar vintage Ford and in post-processing did some things to it that gave it a classic vintage look. I have the same plans for this truck. But it’ll hafta wait until winter when things slow down.

Speaking of slowing down, it’s how I found this truck.  I was scoping out the gravel roads east of Wilton when I spotted this truck, backed up and shot it head on like the one I did in February.  I like slowly driving the gravel farm roads of the Northern Plains.  You find things you’d otherwise miss. But then, I guess that’s true of life, too.  Thus the expression to stop and smell the roses.

Anyway, I did stop at this intersection just in time to see the 4-wheel drive John Deere tractor headed this way. The snow blade was still mounted on the tractor, but I have a feeling it came off the tractor in a day or two.  Snow plowing is done for the winter.