September 5

Wilton park bench

It’s become one of my favorite locales for seasonal photo shoots. I’ve returned often to the Wilton Centennial Park and on this evening caught the empty picnic table, the orange lights and the quiet environment.

Looking back in North Dakota 365, I surprise myself at how many different ways the park can be photographed.  It all started way back on January 4 this year.

August 8

Oops, almost missed it, the day’s shoot, that is.

Just down the street from me, about 1 or 2 blocks is Wilton’s Centennial Park. It’s always good for a shot because it is quite picturesque.  If you go back in to North Dakota 365, clear back to January, you’ll see a couple of shots of this park in the winter, lonely park benches in the cold and snow.  It’s a handy model.  Actually all  of North Dakota is a handy model — some days more inspiring than others.  Or maybe it’s me.  How do you get inspired?

January 24

The snow piled on this winter, burying a neighbor’s Schwinn bicycle in the snow.  The poor bike sat there all winter…and if it’s still there after the snow is gone, I’ll have to shoot it again.  This particular shot, I was able to play with and in some other blogs on other pages I’ll show you what it looks like when it is filtered.

Meanwhile, later that night…

…..more snow and Wilton’s Centennial Park provided the contrast between the yellow park lights and the blue snow.