October 2


An autumn project


This is the kind of thing that occupies the time of most industrious people every autumn. Summer is short in North Dakota, and people enjoy as much of it as possible.  When the leaves start falling, work projects pick up.  Kat didn’t want to go another winter without a useable covered deck on her home.  This is my kind of project. I love building things such as decks and sheds — so much so, I almost forgot to shoot the project underway.

It helps that Kat owns Kat’s Painting Plus and has most if not all the tools needed for such a task.  So, we dug in for several days to build her deck foundation, floor, rails and roof. 

The old steps are the red wooden box in the background.  Once we removed that, the rest was a step-by-step design/build project…with much discussion and consideration of each step including the integrity of the posts to which the project depended.

Within a few days, we had her deck built and covered, and then a couple more full days of  work for the shed to be built for her motorcycle.

Autumn comes quick, doesn’t last long, but if you put your mind to it, you can get a lot done. We did.