May 1

A little wetness, a little golden glow, and a little warmth.  Early spring in Bismarck. Someone is out riding their bike leaning it up against the Barnes and Nobles book store.  I’d been there as I often am looking, browsing, buying or at least drinking coffee.  On this night, as I pulled away, I liked the look of the deep blue evening sky, the golden lights from the windows and the rosy color of the bricks.  The season is warming up. Gone are the days of cold blue photos.  I like warmth.

February 19

Winter. Books. Hot coffee. Quiet environment.  Sounds like heaven on a winter’s day, a place to escape the cold not only by stepping in to the bagel shop in Minot, but also a place to escape by books. 

I never go to Minot without stopping at the Bagel Stop on South Broadway in Minot.  It’s a warm inviting environment, with a rack of used books at each booth, and more in the adjoining room.  That’s where you can carry your coffee and leave your cold to search the always-changing selection of used books.

In the back room is a meditation room that can be sealed off with a folding door to allow groups to quietly use the room for their own version of escape from the cold of North Dakota’s February days.