April 22

Green. That unmistakable John Deere green. Even before the fields are green, there’s a green machine working in them.  This one, rolling down Hwy 36 just east of Wilton (you can see the Wilton water tower in the background) looks like it was washed and waxed for the season.   The farmer is pulling an air seeder headed out to a field which likely is hundreds of acres and requires a large piece of mega-bucks farm investment to seed the crop.

I met this machinery coming down the highway, turned around and passed it, got out of my truck and waited for it to come by.  The farmer was friendly enough, and didn’t seem to mind my taking his photo.

After he passed, I took one more photo, just to get a perspective of how big the equipment really is, folded up, compact for transport. Once out in the field, the wings come down and it’s an even larger beast.