Darling Lilly (and mom) Jan ’11


It’s fun to be stretched and this little girl did it.  Most of my photography is motorcycles, musicians, lifestyles and landscapes, but now as a favor to her mother I photographed Lilly.  She’s not quite a year old.  I photographed her pre-born when her mother was carrying her in April last year.  I also photographed Ravae a few months back as she modeled for me in a Trade for Pics arrangement

Ravae and Lilly

I met Lilly and her mother Ravae at the playground at Gateway Mall in Bismarck.  The little girl was not feeling well, but you couldn’t tell. She was alert, personable and downright cute.

So while mother and daughter played, I kept up with them, shooting them with a shallow depth of field and as much light as I could force in that comfortably dark shopping mall.

In the end, I think we did quite well. Ravae and Lilly will have keep sakes from this visit to the playground.

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