December 11– oh my achin’ back

Shovel time!

Here we go again. It all starts right here — my winter forced exercise program: show shoveling.

The view from my open garage door tells me I’m gonna stay trim this winter if this snow keeps up.  The drift is thigh deep, and I will shovel in shifts if I’m gonna get out of the garage.  My North Dakota 365 project may slide a bit if I can’t hit the highways and byways because there’s too much snow in my driveway.


At the halfway point I know it’s just the start of a canyon pass I’m digging.  By mid-winter the piles on either side of the driveway will dwarf my truck.  And to think, I do it all with a plastic snow shovel! I try to do as much as possible before breakfast. That way I’m burning fat stores instead of food stores.  Then, when I do have breakfast, it is truly nourishing and not just filling the pit.

It takes about 45 minutes to dig out. I do it in 15 or 20 minute “bursts” of energy.  I stop for a break only after I pass out and wake up laying in the driveway. I assume that at that point I need a break.

The end

When I’m done shoveling, I realize that those snowflakes that make the first covering will still be there a few months from now.  It’s that old rule of resource management: first on, last off.

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