November 19 A touch of pic/old look

A touch of old style

Winter has set in.  It’s a time of year when color is washed from the horizon.  It’s an annual event handled much more easily now than 75 years ago.  Yet for some reason, we tend to romanticize “yesteryear.”   At least I do.

I spotted this abandoned farmstead between Wilton and Mercer.  I was specifically looking for images that would lend themselves to a bit of post-processing. I was looking for a scene that  resembled photos from another era — a more “romantic” era.

The fact is, it’s much more “romantic” in photo than in real life.  That’s the work of our minds to fill in the gaps of the story laid before us.  In real life, it can be cold, depressing and non-thrilling.

Do you ever take time to look at old photos and reminisce?

Toward sunset I was headed back to town and thought I’d see what these markers of a bygone era look like — and then enhanced when I got home.  It’s probably a more accurate reflection of “yesteryear.”

Wilton cemetery in the evening

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