November 16 Ravae and Kendra

You know that room down in the basement that you’re not quite sure what to do with it?  Maybe you don’t have one.  I do.



Well, I did.

I turned it in to a studio and these are some of the first works from the newly remodeled room.

It’s a work in progress, but this is where it stared with a cool friend of mine, Ravae. She brought with her Kendra, her very close friend.The two of them agreed to TFP — that is Trade for Pictures.  I’d shoot and they’d model. We both get the images for our portfolio or for whatever we need.

It was a great afternoon. They were very camera friendly.  So we worked through a number of poses and images.  It was a great opportunity for me.  (Actually I already knew that Ravae was very camera friendly since I shot her earlier in the year, back in March when she was very near her due date.

Ravae March 13

Ravae November 16

Now she’s a mother and what a great model she is, pregnant or not.)

So, through the afternoon we worked with different poses, different outfits, different backdrops and different lighting.  We wanted to come up with as many different “looks” as we could.

Kendra has the classic good looks of a young woman from North Dakota.  Her quiet confident poise is well-suited for  senior style images — they seem to suit her very well.  She’s a classic.

Ravae has that kind of spirit that lends well to anything new and different.  She can pose as a quiet Madonna-look as a pregnant mom, or can come off with something a bit more edgy as a grungy biker look.  Her obvious outstanding feature are her eyes, piercing, clear and blue.

All in all a great adventure for that unused room in the basement.

Afterward, thanks to the new models I got to work with, I then got to experiment with post-processing effects.

Are you ready for your session?

A little bit o’ grunge

High contrast, smiling, beautiful women


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