September 23

A ducky bale of hay

A ducky bale of hay

As noted in yesterday’s entry, North Dakota doesn’t raise many sheep. Even more scarce than sheep raised on hay is ducks on hay — especially toy ducks.

However, in my attempts to show North Dakota for what it is, I couldn’t pass up this imagery.  Yep, that’s the highway up there in the top running past the hay bales.  Usually you find hawks sitting on the bales looking for mice below.  Or you may find pheasants sitting on them escaping the wetness of the a morning’s heavy dew.  I will admit, however, this is the first time I’ve spotted a duck on a bale.

It was easy to spot, the yellow mark on the big bale as I drove by.  Perhaps that’s why there aren’t any more ducks on hay bales.  They’re too obvious.  The good news, however is they patiently sit while I get a good photograph.  And on another day of hazy overcast skies, I couldn’t duck the shot for my one-a-day.  Click on the picture to get a full size preview  and you will see  good even lighting with color providing all the contrast, not a lot of shadows — but oh it was wet in the ditch. That must be why the duck was on the bale.

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