September 14


Sioux Pilot House


It stands with promise..the promise that it will get the attention it needs. It’s only a promise, little work goes on to give Washburn’s Sioux Steamboat the face lift she needs.    The Sioux Steamboat stands on the banks of the Missouri River where a vibrant steamboat trade existed until the state built a bridge over the Missouri in 1971.


Even now, at least one farmer has land on an island in the Missouri and has to cross back and forth to tend to his crops.  I understand that since there is no more steamboat trade, he traverses the river in the winter on the ice, shuttling supplies and harvested crops back and forth.

Below the water lies at least one wrecked steamboat, and an entire fort.  The river shifted some in the years since the early 1900’s, and more changes occurred when the Army Corps of Engineers dammed the river at several locations.

So, for now, as a reminder of what lies below, the Sioux stands above, waiting for a fresh coat of paint.

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