August 13 Bee-zee Sunflowers


C da B? Of course you see the bee.


North Dakota leads the nation in sunflower production, up to 1.5 million acres. Working hand in hand with sunflower production is honey production. Again, North Dakota is at the top of that production list, alternating with California.  You can see why when you look at the vast resources bees have to make honey.  See them hovering over the field?

Even the smaller volunteer sunflowers add to the mix of resources for bees doing the only thing they know to do — make honey.

When I was out and about in McLean County, I was overwhelmed by the sunflower fields, but it wasn’t until I stopped to get out of my truck that I could see there is more to the passing view.  The macro zoom lens on my camera came in handy as I looked for something to shoot.

It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the bees even better than I did in real life. The yellow pollen all over this bee tells me exactly what it takes to pollinate the fields AND make honey.  What a cooperative effort for both crops, sunflowers and honey.

Which is your pleasure? Are you more inclined to enjoy the products of the field, or of the worker?  The sunflower oil and seed, or the honey from the bee?

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