August 5

Like mother, like fawn

This time of year, does are leading their fawns in to new territory. They’re leaving their birthing grounds, moving to feeding grounds. It won’t be long now until the pair separate.  For now they’re moving around, and creating a traffic hazard.  Sadly, I’ve seen more than one fawn carcass by the side of the road.  This pair, however,  cross ahead of me and gave me enough time to drive up a bit to shoot them before the exited from view.

That was not the case with this three-some. I had to stop and wait for them to cross the road, the fawns leading the pack.  They dashed up a hill and off they went.

All of these were taken late in the day along the Missouri River north of Bismarck.  I was unprepared for these kinds of action shots. Next time, I’ll be more prepared with my camera on my lap, set to a fast speed and auto-focus.

How often do you see deer where you live? How prepared are you to photograph them?

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