July 29

Buffalo berries along the road

It’s that time of year when the green of the prairie is marked by the red of the berries.  The buffalo berries pop out in mid July giving a bit of contrast to the regions.  The strong, but scrawny and scratchy bush is a solid windbreak most of the year, but it’s this time of year when it bears fruit to add to the color and food supplies of the region.

Plentiful in the badlands and west river, these buffalo berries stand along a gravel road near Washburn.  I wasn’t sure what I’d be shooting for my 1-a-day project, but when I topped the hill, I knew these marks of North Dakota were the day’s entry.

2 thoughts on “July 29

  1. Mike,

    How can I get a print of the “Buffalo berries along the road?” I really love that composition and color in this photo and would really like to have a framed print to add to my work cubicle. It would make me happy to have such a thing. Let me know what the cost is, and details to make the arrangements. Please.


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