July 19

Sushi, Sake and Suchy at the East 40

Monday nights means Ben Suchy night at the East 40 in Bismarck.  They call it Sushi, Sake and Suchy night.

Ben is a product of North Dakota’s bohemian culture, both in terms of society and in terms of ethnicity.  I’ve written about him before here on North Dakota 365, and probably will again.  He’s one of my favorite people and musicians. He’s a songwriter, balladeer of the folk/blues tradition who plays harmonica, banjo and guitar.

Ben Suchy at East 40

On this evening at the East 40, the late day sun streams through the stained glass windows behind Ben.  Overhead are actually blue lights, but the powerful yellow of the window sets the overall color of the photo.  If you look closely, you can see the blue cast around Ben from the overhead lights.

It’s some of the best times of the year, a late summer evening, still sunlit, good food, good friends and good music.  It’s no wonder that even grownup girls like to goof off.  When I asked permission to shoot their photo, they had to ham it up for the camera.  They’re pose is a good representation of play time on the Northern Plains.

girls goofing off

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