June 9

I do not understand why people are so destructive in their effort to improve their home space. Why do people cut down a perfectly good, healthy, mature tree that provides them with shade and adds to the city’s forest?I know in this case the young family turned their residential property in to a light commercial property and used up their back yard with construction equipment and a large shop.  So, where does the kid play?  They cut down this healthy tree to put up a swing set.Later this summer, I’ll show you the barren yard, or well as much of it as I can around the construction equipment.  Not a good conversion of residential property and not a good thing for the neighborhood, my neighborhood. These are my across-the-street neighbors.North Dakota lives up to its reputation as a treeless state.  At one time, the state had a flourishing natural forest along the Missouri River. Then, someone down stream decided to North Dakota should be the catch basin for all the water that flows downstream, and dams were built flooding much of North Dakota’s natural forest.

For 100 years conservationists and economists have encouraged planting of trees in North Dakota.  Nurseries have developed strains of trees that will grow here in this harsh winter climate.  Today, according to the Ag Extension service, nearly 95% of the state’s forest has been hand-planted.

So, why destroy what has taken so long to build?  I doubt if the hot sunny swing set play ground will be as inviting as was the cool shaded front lawn that is now gone.

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