June 6

road to the storm

Here are a couple of photos I have displayed in my home.  This road to the storm has a certain appeal to it. There are plenty of colors to make it “purty” but even more so is the story it tells of the gravel road and the storm clouds moving past.  It’s apparently been a wet spring because there is plenty of green in the ditches.  The fields are not yet tilled and for this date, that’s an indication of a slow start.

Not far from the gravel road and storm was this old barn.  I am attracted to old architecture of the prairie farm. This one is no exception.  What I like about it is that I was able to play with some filters to give the barn a more “painterly” effect. Come by my place and you’ll see this hanging on my wall.  Maybe. I rotate the photos through the frames on my wall.  Is that weird? How often do you rotate wall hangings in your home?

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