June 3

A cold and wet night for fun. The annual carnival visit to the Missouri River Expo  can be a lot of fun, but not on this night.    Well at least not for many families. A few hard-core sliders had to take their zip down the fun slide, and frankly that would be fun to have in my backyard, but I have trouble spending money to someone who provides a controlled descent to earth.

Even the big ferris wheel wasn’t attracting many riders.  It had been raining all day and wasn’t very warm that night, so perhaps a more sunny and pleasant evening would have increased the crowds.

Is it my imagination, or do you also sense that the visiting carnival isn’t  the popular event that it once was?

One thought on “June 3

  1. i personally think the expo is fun because of all the rides; my favorite rides are the mummy, spaceship300, moby dick, the spider, the gliders, and the zipper.
    the only thing thats wrongmwith it is the long ass lines. *smh*

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