May 27

The evening was full of colorful surprises. First, as I watched for the sunset, I caught an unusual sight.

a broken sun sets behind the clouds

What a weird image the sun presented when it broke through the clouds this evening.  While I sat on a hilltop looking at a potential storm to the west and on the phone visiting with a friend out west in the storm’s path,  I caught a glimpse of the sun for just a minute. I was a rude conversationalist at that point and dropped the phone to snap this very short-lived image.

It was several minutes later, still on the phone that I caught the vivid colors of sunset that I’ve come to expect when conditions are right. North Dakota’s sunsets are nothing if they are not colorful.

But the sunset alone was not enough. I needed something in the foreground, a feature item or focal point.  The gates to the cemetery provided that.

I backed up and took a couple of shots, one with a flash and one without.  The one with the flash allowed me to shoot the sky and surroundings when it was darker than the shot I took without the flash. Without the flash, I had to use available light. With the flash, I used the speedlight, slowed down the shutter and absorbed more of the natural sky light.

Which do you like better?

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