May 24

Spring storms

Unpredictable. Spring storms are never what you think they could be. They’re either worse or better than expected. This one look nasty, but it didn’t turn out too badly. Still as an old storm chaser (weekends for WOI-TV in Des Moines)  I just gotta be there when they roll through.  They’re as beautiful as they are exciting.

This one rolled through Sheridan and McLean county then down to Burleigh County. It didn’t produce much action, but it sure gave me some great images. I like the one here of the live and dead tree and bush that line up with the edge of the dark clouds.  If you could see this full image you’d see the grass is brilliantly lit in the strange light of the moment. The spikes from last fall’s growth glow against the green grass.

I didn’t move far, nor fast to shoot this storm, but I kept my eye on it because like I said, you never quite know what it’s going to do, and dang! I hate getting caught in the open prairie when one of these things cuts loose.

Prairie storms are magnificent to watch because you can see them from so far away you can watch their movement and their development, but you need to be ready to run!

How good of view do you have where you are right now of the next  storm that comes your way?  Do you have a preferred direction?

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