May 13

Do you s’pose it’s haunted?  Wilton’s old Soo Line Railroad Depot was moved from its position next to the railroad when it was determined that its unique architecture was significant enough to preserve the building.   There was a time, back in the early 1920’s when passengers boarded or stepped off  trains twice a day in Wilton.  Passenger service dried up along with the little towns the rail line served, towns such as Arnold and Chapin. Now the depot houses some old railroad artifacts, and maybe a few ghosts, do you s’pose?  It would be interesting to find out. That pagoda upstairs houses sleeping quarters. Imagine what it could do for the town’s reputation and income if that loft were to be rented out as a kind of bed and breakfast.

Of course if some nifty photographer didn’t desaturate the image, it will always look good as a postcard image.

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