May 9

It might have looked something like this when the Corps of Discovery walked this river 200 years ago, but I don’t think that power plant was visible as it is now.

The Missouri River is open now, water flowing.  The warm sky color looks warmer than the day’s temperature, but sunsets in North Dakota always seem to look warm.    It’s easy to get caught up with North Dakota’s sunsets, they are usually rather impressive.  But I’ve found that just merely shooting a sunset does not tell as good of story as when I  put something in front of the sunset to give it perspective.  In this case, the Missouri River and the power plant add to the landscape — one centuries old created by God with a history and romance that fills volumes.  The other just a few decades old built by man with a value to civilization south and east of North Dakota where the power is sent to keep alive today’s history and romance.

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