April 24

Sometimes the scene is more than the image itself, but can be a feeling, too. That’s the case of this image that I captured south of Medora.  After driving and hiking a bit on section line roads and farm lanes — tall grass on either side, two wheel tracks down the length — I spotted what was left of this cow carcass. Her pelvis and a bit of her backbone is all the coyotes had left of her.

It was a kind of barren and yet warm feeling out there in the Badlands, not far from the Little Missouri River.  However, that’s the way it felt and so that’s how I processed it, to look the way it felt.  This is what it really looked like from a little different angle:

It’s still obvious that it’s in the Badlands and it’s a open and barren country, but it doesn’t have the “feel” that I felt that day.

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