April 23

Giving me the evil eye

She kept her eye on me the whole time I was near.  I got no closer than the width of my pickup truck — she on one side, me on the other.  I suspect she’s had her share of attention from passers-by and so was not too jumpy, but I didn’t want to take my chances.  She didn’t cause me any concern, as I apparently didn’t cause her much concern, either.  I got her photo and left.  I didn’t use a flash, so the “red-eye” effect  isn’t from flash bounce.  It just is.

The buffalo at the Painted Canyon rest stop along I-94 near Medora gives buffalo free range.  It’s people who are in cages as they drive up to the building to “rest” at the rest stop and to take a few moments to see and photography Painted Canyon, or the buffalo wandering around the lot.

grooming herself?

It was obviously a rainy day as you can tell by these shots — a bit chilly, too.  So I wasn’t going to venture too far out on the trail to capture an image of buffalo.  They’re one of my favorite subjects to photograph, helping to illustrate North Dakota as the barely populated area which it is.  In the rain, however, I choose to stay a little more dry than were these furry animals.

Later in the day, the weather broke a little and on a drive through the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt Park, I got a moment to illustrate why you want to slow down rounding the curves in the park so you don’t run into a pedestrian such as this one.Or there are also these kinds of road traps you may wish to avoid. I don’t think a motorcycle would skid out; a car certainly would not, but it might leave enough of a mess that you’d get an aromatic reminder when the day heats up.

Buffalo road apples

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